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Woods Broomworks

Handmade Artisan Tampico Brooms

A word from the maker!

"All of my work is handmade and unique. I strive to make a product that will last you a lifetime, with proper care. My work is meant to bring beauty to your life. I feel that quality tools can help make daily tasks less of a chore. I frequently hear that my brooms are too beautiful to be used. That choice is up to you."

How beautiful is this piece? Michael combines function and art with his eye-catching work. As a soapmaker I really relate to and appreciate that. His brooms make exceptional art pieces. There are definitely some I use and some I display.

Having a small handheld broom is ridiculously handy. I find myself using it all the time. From pesky corners, to hard to reach crevices to small messes like crumbs. Here at Maine Micro Artisans you'll find a great selection of work from Woods Broomworks including full size ones!


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