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Long Haul Provisions: Freeze-Dried Candies Taking the World by Storm

In a world full of culinary creations, founders of Long Haul Provisions, Joe and Alysa, have transformed their passion for freeze-drying into a thriving business specializing in shelf-stable freeze-dried candy and snacks.

Longhaul Provisions' journey into the world of freeze-dried delicacies began just one year ago, sparked by a desire to connect with their four children through food experimentation. What started as a means to preserve garden produce quickly evolved into something much more exciting when candy entered the picture.

"It started as a fun way to connect with our 4 children by freeze drying and trying different foods. The main goal was to freeze dry our garden yield to lessen food waste and have shelf stable foods. Once we started playing with candy it really took off from there," Alysa shares.

Inspired by their children's creativity and enthusiasm, Alysa and Joe found their niche in crafting unique, shelf-stable treats that captivate taste buds and ignite imaginations. "My kids. They have endless ideas and so much fun trying out new things," Alysa says of her inspiration.

For Alysa and Joe, the true measure of success lies not just in the products they create, but in the joy and pride their family derives from sharing their items with the community. "I love seeing how much my family enjoys connecting with people in the community. The kids get immense joy and pride from being generous and sharing our treats with others," Alysa reflects.

With an array of tantalizing offerings and a commitment to spreading joy through their treats, Long Haul Provisions is quickly becoming a household name. To explore their delicious creations and join in the fun, visit their website at and embark on a flavorful journey unlike any other.


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