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Heidi Spadter: Crafting Beauty from Nature's Gems

In the heart of Maine, Heidi Spadter has spent the past three decades shaping stones into exquisite works of art. Under the banner of her business, Karhu Moon, Spadter's creations combine the raw beauty of semi precious stones with her artistic vision, resulting in heirloom quality, captivating pieces.

With thirty years of dedicated practice, Spadter's craftsmanship has evolved from humble beginnings to intricate masterpieces. Heidi's journey has been one of immense growth. "I started with simple designs, but over time, I've delved into more complex and abstract creations. Recently, I've even ventured into crafting small metal sculptures"

Inspiration for Heidi's creations is drawn from the very essence of Maine itself — the rocky shores, the whispering forests, and its people. Among Spadter's many achievements, one stands out prominently—her involvement with the River Roads Artisan Gallery in Skowhegan. 

For Spadter, the true joy lies in the creative process itself. "Pairing stones together, playing with colors and textures and seeing how they interact with each other" she describes. Each piece tells its own story, and Heidi tells the stories perfectly.

To experience the enchanting creations of Heidi Spadter and Karhu Moon, visit her website at There, amidst a treasure trove of handcrafted wonders, you'll find nature's beauty captured in every stone.


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