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Join MMA!

Big things are happening - come be a part of the excitement!

As we approach our 2 year anniversary here at Maine Micro Artisans, we are preparing to take the next steps in our handmade journey. If there's one thing we've learned since starting MMA it's that there are makers everywhere in Maine. There's a talented person on every corner creating unique and beautiful work.


When we first opened I was amazed at how quickly we filled our adorable little 1,100 sq ft shop in Gorham. We soon expanded around the corner to 8 Main St which houses our classroom space, my soap making space and our offices; every inch of that space is now in use. We expanded to Bangor to a 4,500 sq ft space in the Bangor Mall that I thought we could never fill. We opened up the 2024 artisan application on December 6 and had to pause it twice before the first of January, and then closed it again recently because - sure enough - the space is full!


When we closed the application, rather than seeing the activity drop off, we saw an influx of artisans tying to get their work in. Inclusion has always been our motto here at MMA; our goal is to include as many people in as many opportunities as we can create.


So it's time to take the next step: we are moving from the mall to an expanded 10,000 sq ft location in Bangor! This space will allow us to include twice as many makers, host dedicated classroom space, host a weekly Makers' Market with a dedicated space, and immediately create three more jobs in the Bangor area - not to mention the multitude of opportunities that are sure to arise as we begin to put the space together. It's an exciting time and this space is in a great location with huge potential.


We are officially reopening the 2024 MMA artisan application! Please know that we are also hiring and moving the store during this time so it may take a week or two to review your application and get back to you. If your work is accepted you should plan on having it ready to go by the beginning of April.


Follow us as we take these next steps and be a part of everything MMA has to offer!

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