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Nature Creations by Tammy Mullen

Tammy is an artist from Southern Maine who loves to create a wide variety of naturally-inspired art, jewelry and home décor. Her mediums include beach stones, driftwood, shells, recycled glass and semi-precious stones. Her journey began when she and her husband were vacationing in California. As they walked the beaches and strolled the paths, they collected small bits of their journey to take home. Back in Maine she made a driftwood wreath to capture their memories.

Whenever they go out they have a bucket in hand to fill with natural bits and baubles that are then used to create various types of art. Her work is unique and even though two pieces may feature a common theme, no two pieces will ever be alike.

You will find Nature Creations work all around our state in wonderful shops such as:

Maine Micro Artisans - Gorham

Localcentric - Gray

The Monson General Store - Monson

The Market at Pineland - New Gloucester

Lisa Marie's - Portland

Lisa Marie's - Bath

Swains Made in Maine Gifts - Rangeley

Cricket's Corner - Raymond

Hometown Furnishings - Standish


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