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Moonglow Lavender

You may not know this about me, but I love lavender. I love it's relaxing fragrance, beautiful appearance and the multiple ways it can be used. I'm honored and excited to welcome the premium products from Moonglow Lavender into my shops. Moonglow Lavender is grown right here in Maine!

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"Simple. Sustainable. Natural. Made in Maine.

Moonglow Lavender started with a need to grow and nurture a meaningful and purposeful crop that could be shared with the community and beyond. As a family, we decided to bring lavender into our lives. Lavender provokes the senses, calms the soul, and brings good health. There is so much to love about lavender.Our lavender field is located in Wayne, Maine on a sunny hill surrounded by pasture pines and oak trees. The Moonglow family includes Jill, the idea creator; Jim, a problem solver and the one who makes Jill's ideas a reality; Marin, the product tester, assistant, and source of happiness and laughter; and Quinn, our German Shorthair Pointer, is pretty sweet, goofy and high energy. If you have a tennis ball, he will be your best friend.We hope you enjoy bringing lavender into your life as much as we have."


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