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Maine Bag Lady

Handcrafted bags for every style

Maine Bag Lady
About the Artisan

Maine Made Purses and other women's accessories. Cherie takes great pride in her exquisite craftsmanship and quality of the bags she creates, one at time. Check out her sustainable vegan options.

Her crafting journey started with the tutoring of her grandmother in cooking, sewing, and 4H essentials.
As an adult she taught herself to quilt, upholstery, beading, and bag making. About 20 years ago she did her first craft fair of jewelry and bags. I did very well for a hobby. After awhile she felt that her creations were looking like that of others at shows and stopped.

In 2020 she started researching new bag styles and new materials. Late one night, she came across cork. Cherie read about how it was harvested and produced into fabric. She was intrigued that it was sustainable as the cork oak trees regenerate the cork every nine years. No animal harmed. It has the look, feel and durability of leather. She ordered small amounts from several sources, looking for the best.

Maine Bag Lady was born.

The first bag she made from cork was the Boardroom Tote. She carries that same bag to work everyday, more than three years. She's made some changes ţo the ones she creates now as a result of that prototype.

She then put some bags on etsy and a shop at the Maine Mall. Neither were the perfect fit.
Cherie had been watching the progress of Maine Micro Artisans for a long time.

"The online presence amazed me. I can stitch beautiful things and sell in person, but online is not my forte. One day this spring, I saw a post of MMA and decided I needed to give it a try. I'm so happy that I did."

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