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Lighthousekeeper Designs

unique and individually crafted designs made with archival products

Lighthousekeeper Designs
About the Artisan

Lighthousekeeper Design is the home based craft business of Dale & Pam Longacre. We have been doing craftwork for nearly 45 years with a few breaks in between. It is an enjoyable adventure and a great way to stay busy doing what we love.

Pam is the creative force behind the illuminated multi-layered shadowbox designs. She also produces other cut-craft items.

Dale is the force behind our engraving products and designs. We use a state of the art professional grade laser system to do the engraving.

Dale is a lifelong professional fine arts photographer having received his first camera in the 8th grade. He has been nurturing his skills in all aspects of photography through the years. He now travels the coastal areas of Maine capturing its natural beauty and wildlife.

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