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Birch Haven Art Studio

Artwork inspired by Maine's Natural beauty.

Birch Haven Art Studio
About the Artisan

Welcome to my website. My name is Lynn Cote. I live in a small rural community in Northern Maine, on a piece of land where I have been lucky enough to find much of my inspiration in the gardens I plant, on the trails in the woods, by the river and in the fields.​ I am on a journey, expressing how I see the world and what I see in it as I walk my path in life. In creating art, I make sense of my world. It's therapeutic, cathartic, exciting, tranquil. I reflect on the choices I've made, the experiences I've had. In the past, my art was more chaotic and abstract as I processed emotions. Now, in my art, I mostly choose to focus on the things that bring me a sense of peace, and a feeling of being grounded in the ultimate beauty of nature which surrounds me. In bringing together my love of nature, gardening and art, I have found my favorite subject for my art. Please, explore and enjoy my portfolio to discover my influences and the inspiration behind my work.

Lynn M Cote

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