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We Knit, Crochet Too

Handmade knitted, felted slippers, mittens & more

Check out some of their latest posts.

Check out the Felted Bag of the Week. The bag is made of 85% wool, 15% alpaca and has a button closure and adjustable straps. It is the best of both worlds -- large enough for the essentials but not bulky to carry 😊

There's always something on the needles! This yarn is one of my favorites and comes from MacAusland's Woolen Mill. MacAusland's is probably more famous for their wool blankets but they also wash, dry, card, spin and twist wool into yarn in Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island is one of my favorite places to visit in the summer. The time I have spent there, beyond any doubt, has influenced my appreciation for cottagecore culture. Red sands, rolling hills and all things Anne of Green Gables ❤️


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