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Rooted in Flame

If I had to choose one word to describe Kaila's artistry it would be thoughtful. It's clear looking at each of her pieces that a lot of time, effort and thoughtfulness have gone into each one.

She starts with glass canes and uses her skills to create unique, glass beads. Each and every single bead is individually crafted! Once her beads are shaped, fired and cooled she wraps them or sets them to create her one-of-a-kind pieces. Her choices of color and texture are stunning. The end product is always chic and beautiful.

I couldn't help myself from picking up the copper-toned wire and turquoise cuff bracelet at the last pop up! Kaila has a keen eye for color matching. She knows just how to feature her beads to create statement pieces that are approachable and versatile.

Learn more about Rooted in Flame and come see her work in both our store locations! Visit us at 18 South Street in Gorham and at 663 Stillwater Avenue in Bangor.

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