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Meet Iris is Beauty

I have always felt the inspiration to create. Through the years I have taught myself using a variety of educational experiences and art books. The passion to create runs deep in my family and I was lucky enough to inherit notes left by my grandmother, an oil and watercolor artist, that often guide my work.

I use multiple mediums to create a range of work stretching from approachable home decor to sophisticated fine art pieces. In my work I strive to capture a snapshot of the essence of nature in the hope that it will bring joy and happiness to others.

Although art has been a passion of mine since I could hold a crayon, I vividly recall the moment that I wanted to paint and create art as a second career. In 2017, while driving to work in New Jersey, I was watching the sunrise over Route 80 and felt an immense longing to paint Marginal Way, a place that I have found an abundance of inspiration through countless visits with my grand-parents who had retired in Cape Neddick. My dream came true when my husband, three daughters and I relocated to Wells in 2021. This allowed more flexibility and time to focus on my art and to grow my small business, IRISisBEAUTY.

I especially love using clamshell pieces and other beach finds to create different sea life, animals and other items. My beachcombing art started when one day I challenged myself to create a lobster from individual pieces; I love puzzles so it was a fun challenge. I tried making a few more

designs, playing around and seeing what I could create. I then found shadow boxes on Etsy and realized that would be great to paint backgrounds on with my acrylic gouache paint or decorate using washi tape. Together, these art pieces combine two passions of mine:beach-combing and painting.

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