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MamaChat Designs

We absolutely love the whimsical creations of MamaChat Designs! A Mother/Daughter creative powerhouse, Frances and Cathleen Roth create a wide variety of items from custom shoes and bags, to crochet hats and scarves as well as jewelry! We are so proud to carry many MamaChat jewelry and crochet pieces in our stores!

I'm a crafter because I take materials other people made and turn them into wearable/functional items. And I fall more on the craft side of arts and crafts. - Frances Roth

We love that MamaChat uses upcycled pieces of broken jewelry to re-imagine and make beautiful new pieces of wearable art!

Find these and many more items in our Bangor store! And don't forget to check out MamaChat Designs on their Website, Facebook, and Instagram!


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