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Maine St. Crafts Co.

A recent addition to our growing group of amazing artists is Kelly DesRoberts with Maine St. Crafts Co. We are in love with these intricate and colorful cut paper designs! They are fun and whimsical, and brighten up any space!

We asked Kelly about the evolution of Maine St. Crafts Co. over their two years creating, and here's the Crafter's own words!

Maine St Crafts Co has come a long way since 2 yrs ago when we started our business. We started making gnomes and self taught on how they are made. To expand our craft, we tried our hand at making 3D cardstock pictures and were so impressed with how our first one came out. We started making a variety of them and in spring of 2023 we did our first craft fair and did so well that we signed up for many throughout the year. It was a learning curve of what pictures were the best sellers. We can't wait to see what 2024 will bring! - Kelly DesRoberts, Maine St. Crafts Co.

Stop into our Gorham location to see these beautiful works in person! And make sure to follow Maine St. Crafts Co. on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy!


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