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Heart to Heart

Marge Braley joined our Bangor store in September of 2023 with her beautiful macrame work, creating plant hangers, wall hangings and some super cute gnomes! Her work is always a joy to see, and brings a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to our stores! (Call me biased because she's my mom, but I love every single piece she brings in!)

I started as a teen, making greeting cards with my mom's tatted flowers. I then progressed to Christmas ornaments made from chicken eggs- some of which actually still exist! Then life intervened and for the next several decades I crafted sporadically, mostly to keep my sanity during some tough times. When my kids came along, I crafted with them and for them, and now that they are grown, I am on to the grands. I still try to make each of them an ornament during the winter holidays, which often leads to trying a new craft!

You can find macrame from Heart to Heart in our Bangor and Gorham locations!


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