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Freyja's Daughters: Crafting Witchy Vibes Through Fragrance

Desiree Stoetzer, the creative mind behind Freyja's Daughters, has been on a mission to weave together the threads of mythology, fragrance, and ancestral stories. Her business, named after the Norse goddess Freyja, specializes in crafting products that evoke the mystical and magical.

"I've been honing my skills for quite some time," Stoetzer shares. "For over two decades, I've been experimenting with crafting products for personal use. However, it's only in the past three years that I've begun to seriously create for individuals beyond my circle of friends and family."

Stoetzer's journey has been one of evolution and growth. "My understanding of scents and how they interact has greatly improved over time," she explains. "By trusting my instincts, I've expanded my product line and experienced significant growth."

When asked about her inspirations, Stoetzer credits her ancestors, mother, and husband. "My mother, a spiritual soul, harbored dreams of her own business in the spiritual arts. It inspires me to keep going in honor of her." she reflects. "My husband's encouragement and support fuels my passion. Our ancestors' lives were steeped in what we now call mythology. These myths impart numerous life lessons, and by crafting fragrant products for personal wear or to enhance our surroundings, we can envelop ourselves in that ambiance. I just love that. It brings the stories to life."

For Stoetzer, the biggest achievement with Freyja's Daughters has been the growth of her business. "It feels so good to see so many people enjoying what I've created," she says.

When it comes to creating her products, Stoetzer's favorite part is simple: "Smelling good stuff!" she laughs. "I personally love candles, and body products. I love fragrance, so its a perfect match."

To explore Freyja's Daughters' enchanting range of fragrant offerings, visit their Facebook page at


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