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Crafting Beauty from the Sea: The Artistry of Suzanne Burns

Suzanne Burns has been shaping the remnants of the ocean into exquisite treasures for a decade. Her passion project, Sea Glass by Suzy, is a testament to her dedication to crafting unique jewelry pieces from the sea's gifts.

At the heart of Suzanne's work lies her primary focus: sea glass jewelry. From the frosted blues to the shimmering greens, each piece of sea glass tells a story of its journey through the waves. Suzanne delicately captures this essence, transforming weathered fragments into wearable art that resonates with admirers.

Over the span of a decade, Suzanne's skills have evolved, mirroring the ebb and flow of the tides. What began as basic wire wrapping has blossomed into a repertoire that includes fold forming, bezeling, and intricate wire shaping techniques. Her willingness to experiment and learn has led to a diverse array of designs that captivate her audience.

Nature serves as Suzanne's muse, the beauty that surrounds her, from the intricate patterns of seashells to the graceful movements of coastal creatures, finds its way into her creations, infusing each piece with a touch of the natural world's magic.

Among Suzanne's many achievements, one stands out: the expansion of Sea Glass by Suzy into stores lining the coastal towns. Seeing her jewelry displayed alongside other artisans' works is a testament to her growth and the recognition of her talent within the community.

Yet, amidst the accomplishments, Suzanne finds her greatest joy in the act of creation itself. Turning discarded shards into treasures brings fulfillment, as does the opportunity to employ her artistic skills in pursuit of beauty. For Suzanne, the real reward lies in the smiles of her customers, who find joy and connection in her wearable works of art.

To explore Suzanne's creations and connect with her coastal-inspired world, visit Sea Glass by Suzy on Facebook at Embark on a journey through the tides, where each piece tells a story of resilience, beauty, and the enduring magic of the sea.


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