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Artist Spotlight: Jaclyn Amanda Sanipass

"Following a devastating battle with Lyme disease, she recovered and led Women’s Wilderness Retreats for over 10 years–achieving what the doctors said was impossible."

Maine Speaker, Author, & Jeweler Jaclyn Amanda Sanipass had been living her dream as a wilderness instructor while guiding backpacking expeditions in the high mountains of Wyoming, when suddenly she experienced a traumatic, emotional, and frightening illness that brought her to her knees.

Maine Micro Artisans is proud to not only carry Jaclyn's books in our stores, but her incredible jewelry as well!

"When I had chronic Lyme Disease, and couldn't work as a Wilderness Guide for 6 years, my love and hobby turned into a way to contemplate my life's direction and I continue today"

Inspired by natures beautiful colors, inspired by walking on the beaches and collecting naturally tumbled sea glass on the coast of Maine where she grew up, her jewelry truly invokes the word "Artisan"

Get yourself a copy of her book, attend one of her speaking engagements, and consider her jewelry for yourself, or a friend who needs some inspiration!

We're so glad Jaclyn is part of the Maine Micro Artisans team of makers!

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