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Sun, Sep 25



Social Media Marketing - 101

During this webinar we will chat about what works on social media and what doesn't. I'll pass along insights and tips to improve your reach and convert followers to buyers.

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Social Media Marketing - 101
Social Media Marketing - 101

Time & Location

Sep 25, 2022, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM


About the event

During this 90 minute session we'll focus on three key areas of social media marketing:

  1. Growing your following 
  2. Converting followers to buyers 
  3. Avoiding a discount following 

There are really only a few ways for your awesome talent to be found. Social media is an amazing tool and the number one - most used resource for small business. Yes, it's a double-edged sword. We all know it has huge pitfalls. For our discussion we will focus on the good attributes of social media and how to use them to meet your ultimate goal - sales for your small business! Social media marketing can be frustrating and you can waste a lot of money on what doesn't work. I have 5+ years of experience and have spent over 45K on social media ads. Don't make expensive mistakes - learn from mine! 

I'll walk you through the process of setting up realistic expectations, gauging how much to invest and how to start reaching the audience you really want. You have to grow before you can sell. We'd all like to start selling day 1, but there is a critical mass you have to hit before you see regular sales. Let's talk about how to grow your following with the right folks who will eventually buy from you. Let's talk about how to engage them and then convert them. 

A sidenote about comment chasing - Comment chasing is the social media hustle of inserting yourself into groups on other pages and into other conversations with your product. This can be effective - and a ridiculous amount of work. You can spend hours daily on social media trying to push your product via comments and messages. If this is your current strategy I would encourage you to sit down and realistically look at the sales produced vs. time it took. If it's not sustainable it's not a good strategy. Your time is valuable! Paying yourself for your time matters. 

If you sell $500 worth of products in a week by comment chasing, even with a sweet 40% margin. That's only $200 leftover to pay you for all your efforts promoting, selling, shipping, delivering etc. If that took you more than 15 hours in a week to hustle those sales - you're paying yourself less than minimum wage for all that sales and after the sale work.  There is a better way. Imagine posting a few times daily (scheduled to save that time!) - linking to your website and then watching sales roll in. No comment chasing, no convincing, no invoicing... no wasted efforts. It is absolutely possible. You're also losing big on the data and remarketing. Data matters! We'll talk more about this... 

I can't stress to you enough, when sales are slow, don't slash your prices. Don't host a sale and cross your fingers. I know it's so tempting! It's written into our capitalist DNA but we aren't big box stores. When you slash your price, customers won't come running - and if they do - they aren't likely to be regular, full paying customers. Building a discount following is dangerous for a small business. 

Before you slash your prices, before you clearance your product, invest in yourself. Marketing is necessary. There are over 300 million people just in the United States. 1.5 million in Maine. People who will love, want and pay full price for your work are out there. Let me help you find them. 


  • Social Media Marketing 101

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