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DIY Hand-sewing kits

About the Artisan

Cynthia Treen is a fibre artist and all-around talent. Having worked and played creative fields since studying at Rhode Island School Of Design and working with big names such as Martha Stewart, Cynthia has turned her hand to smaller things, much, much smaller. Complete with twitchy whiskered badgers and a picnic basket that makes you want to put down whatever you are doing and make it immediately, her book The Wind in the Willows – Felt Friends will capture your imagination and your heart.

Threadfollower was conceived with the idea that she would design a product line inspired by textiles and her travels, following the threads where they led her. After some glorious travelling, she realized that more than research and design, she wanted to share the craft of stitching with people of all ages, and her DIY kit line was born in the spring of 2011.

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