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Sophie's Soap

Our goats work hard producing lovely goat milk, so we can all enjoy smoother, softer skin with our chemical free soaps! Winston, is a Lamancha goat that lives at Mini-Hooves Farm. When Winston was a little baby he couldn't walk properly. After months and months pf splinting and rehabilitation, Winston not only learned to walk, but he became the best jumper on the farm. Winston's story inspired me to write a children's book about him.

Winston's book, "Winston Jumps", is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Sophie's Soap
About the Artisan

Our farm, Mini-Hooves Farm, started with 12 chickens in South Portland. Then we got a miniature horse for our daughter, then a miniature donkey, and then a horse. We had to board the horses and donkey at a kids camp because we weren't allowed livestock in the city. But then we snuck two, 3 week old Nigerian Dwarf goats from the camp into our house and fostered them during the week. Along with a dear friend, we "co-parented" Dante and Remi until they were big enough to be on their own at the camp. During that time we fell in love with Nigerian Dwarf goats. So in 2015, when we moved, it was an easy jump from chickens and horses, to goats. n the spring and summer when the does have their babies we offer baby goat snuggling. And if you haven't snuggled a baby goat, you absolutely must. We use the milk from the does to make our lovely, handmade, home-made, goats milk soap and goat milk lotions. You can use our goats milk soap and lotions on your sensitive skin for a naturally, healthier skin. Goats milk soap has so many health benefits. It is said to : help with acne, sensitive skin, and eczema. It is full of minerals and vitamins like A, C, D, and Selenium. Because it has a similar Ph to our own skin, it is said to help maintain the natural Ph of our skin. It is a gentle exfoliant. Among many other benefits.

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