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Rebecca Revels

Handmade eclectic artwork

Rebecca Revels
About the Artisan

My name is Rebecca Revels. I am a plant loving, dog snuggling, painter, sculpture Jill of all trades with an appetite for adventure. I have always surrounded myself with art and am lucky enough to say its part of my everyday life.

After graduating from a college in Florida, with a fine arts degree, I moved to Washington DC, where I truly began my artistic journey. I started working at Anthropolgie, as a Display Coordinator where I learned to design, budget, build, and install large scale window and interior displays. The experiences I had in that time inspired me, artistically challenged me, and taught me how to complete a project from start to finish on my own. After moving back to Connecticut, I joined an event design team where I was in charge of creating signs, props, and backdrops for some of the most amazing weddings and galas in the Rhode Island area. I got to flex my carpentry, painting, and design skills, while also learning how to work one on one with upscale clients and venues.

Fast forward to now, I’ve moved to Maine and taken the leap into business owning, using all I’ve learned plus some, to give my clients the best experience I can. Whether you’re looking to elevate your shop with a show-stopping window display, take your guest’s breath away with a one-of-a-kind seating chart, create a destination with a colorful wall mural, commission a killer new t-shirt design or just want to own a fresh piece of art, rest assured I’ve got you covered.

Connect with Rebecca on Instagram.

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