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AS&G Studios

Surrealist whimsical artwork pieces featuring elements of nature

AS&G Studios
About the Artisan

My mom is an artist and I grew up watching her try out all different styles and mediums. I would try to do everything she did. It took a few decades to muster the patience to do the work I am able to do today, but now I am able to create a wide variety of unique products. My Godmother and best friend past away last year and left me all her tools, powersaws, sanders and a bunch of other hand tools; in the past I have feared tools that could cut a limb off, but my godmother has taken that fear away and I have created a whole new line of products. Working with her tools makes me feel like she is with me and helping me create this new line.

Amy Clark

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You need to come into the shop and see the amazing work she has here. The castle is the stuff that dreams are made of. 

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